DnnDeveloper Module/Extension License Activating
User Guide
You can activate your license from the settings section of the module.
1. Go to the page where the module is installed, change the page mode to edit.
2. Mouse hover on the Gear Icon, It can be found between Edit and Drag icon at top right corner of the
module or as per your container configurations. Click on the Gear Icon .
3. Settings Popup screen or Page (based on your DNN Configuration) will be opened. You can find the
Module Settings tab as the last tab. Here for the case we have Modiue Injector so name of the tab is
Injector Settings.
4. Find the section License / Activate Module and Expand to Activate the License
5. Get your Invoice ID, it can be found from https://store.dnnsoftware.com/my-account/my-downloads
where list of your purchased modules will be available. Copy the 32 Character long string (Invoice
ID) against the module you want to activate.
6. Enter the Invoice ID at the Module Settings License / Activate Module sections Invoice ID input
box and click the Activate Button.