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dotnetnuke development process
information gathering

Our team prioritizes understanding clients' project requirements from the outset, identifying the purpose, goals, and target audience. By working closely with clients, we create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that maximizes engagement and satisfaction. To enhance our solutions, we analyze competitor websites for information structure, functionalities, and SEO elements, identifying opportunities for improvement. Our ultimate goal is delivering custom DotNetNuke solutions that meet unique needs and exceed expectations for quality, functionality, and user experience.

Deciding Site Map

We collaborate closely with clients to create a clear and concise sitemap that facilitates intuitive user engagement and easy navigation. Our focus is on prioritizing the most critical pages for the target audience and providing a clear and organized sitemap that helps visitors find the information they need. Our ultimate goal is to create a user-friendly and intuitive website that meets the unique needs of our clients' audiences, leading to a more effective and engaging website that drives better business results.


We work closely with our clients to carefully plan and consider the structure and content of their website, developing a comprehensive site map that outlines the pages and navigation approach. We then collaborate with our clients to develop wireframes for each page, discussing intended elements and functions to determine the optimal content structure and layout. Our collaborative approach ensures that we freeze the scope of pages and functionalities with our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their website and deliver custom DotNetNuke solutions that achieve their business objectives.

Design Layout (PSD / Graphics / Branding / Color Schemes)

Experienced UI designers in DotNetNuke Theme can significantly enhance the website's design by utilizing typography, color graphics, animations, menus, and more. A clean and modern layout design can create an enjoyable user experience and a positive brand impression. Our approach emphasizes content structure, SEO, user-friendliness, and attractiveness, enabling clients to finalize the design layout while incorporating their feedback.

DotNetNuke Development Process

Our DotNetNuke Development Process


Requirements gathering, needs assessment, functionality and layout design requirement understand and plan

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Layout & Design

Designing DNN UI from wire-frame, sketch, PSD or HTML for DNN Theme, Module or Portal along with content strucuture

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Development or Integrations

Implementing functionalities or interactions in form of DNN custom/third party modules technically.

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Hosting, uploading final solution, package files, provide ongoing support and consultants.

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Design to HTML to DNN Theme

To create a web page using DotNetNuke, the first step is to slice the PSD file into small pieces with several layers, so that each section can become a flexible HTML block. The HTML code, which is a markup language for web pages, is then written for each block. Initially, all sections or blocks are static, but later, when converting to DNN, dynamic content can be added using DNN modules.

Along with HTML, style files (Cascading Style Sheets) are created to specify the color and style of various HTML elements. To make web pages interactive and functional, JavaScript is used.

Web pages must also be responsive and support different devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop. They should be rendered well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes, from minimum to maximum display size, using media queries or supported frameworks to make pages with responsive content.

Once the HTML is approved, it is transformed into the DNN theme phase. During this phase, DotNetNuke configurations, such as SMTP settings, roles, registration, and domain alias changes, are made. Necessary changes are also made to the HTML and layout to match the DNN theme. Custom-designed skins and containers are implemented to match the style and layout, and navigations and page headers and footers are set up to match each inner or sub-page.

DNN Configuration

We handle various DotNetNuke configurations, such as SMTP settings, roles, registration, and domain alias-related changes. Additionally, we configure inbuilt and purchased third-party modules as needed. We make the required adjustments to HTML and layout to align them with the DNN theme. We integrate custom-designed skins and containers to match the desired style and layout. Finally, we set up the navigations, page headers, and footers to match the sub-pages of the website.

Custom Modules / Extensions

Custom Modules are a valuable extension to the DotNetNuke platform, providing additional functionality to the website where needed. Our team of skilled developers works closely with clients to determine the best modules for their specific requirements. We collaborate with clients to ensure the site meets the needs of their users. Our team uses ASP.NET C# or VB.NET code to implement solutions for your specific requirements. We are capable of executing time-based operations, implementing APIs, and retrieving reports or storing information as needed. With our help, clients can implement their business logic requirements with ease.

Testing, Review, and Launch

Our team offers comprehensive support for all our implementations, including creating visually appealing themes and developing customized modules. We take complete ownership of the deliverables and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Maintenance and Regular Upgrading

As seasoned DNN developers, we assure flawless performance of your DNN Portal when you entrust us with your support and maintenance needs. Our team facilitates seamless migration or upgrade of your existing dnn site to the latest DotNetNuke version.

From creating an attractive theme to developing customized modules, we extend comprehensive support for our implementations. Our team takes full ownership of the deliverables and ensures adherence to the highest quality standards.

DNN Custom Module
  • Dedicated DNN Developer / Team
  • Quality DotNetNuke Extension Development
  • Experienced Developers' Advantage
  • DNN Quality and Standards
  • Best Development Process / Practice
  • Knowledge of DNN Plug and Security
  • All DNN Version Module Development
  • Hands-on Practice with Module Frameworks
  • DNN Theme designing from PSD
  • DNN skin customization
  • DNN Theme configuration and maintenance
  • Fresh DNN Theme Design
  • DNN site upgrade
  • HTML to DNN Skin and Containers Design
  • Custom Module Development
  • 3rd party DNN module integration
  • DotNetNuke Consultancy
  • DNN Bug fixing
  • DNN Version Up-grading
  • DNN Configuration and Hosting
  • DNN Migrations
  • Support on Exploit and Vulnerabilities
  • Custom Module Development
  • Custom DNN Skin / Theme Design


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