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Record Storage Systems are meticulously designed to systematically manage and secure records. Located in Charlotte, N.C., Record Storage Systems is a privately held, comprehensive document management provider catering to professionals across North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond. Established in 1984 as an organic extension of Distribution Technology, a logistics company founded in Charlotte in 1969, Record Storage Systems aligns with the innovative and dynamic technology solutions ethos of its parent company. Whether physical or digital, these systems serve businesses, government agencies, and organizations in preserving records like documents, images, audio, and video. The primary goals of record storage systems include facilitating easy access, ensuring data integrity and authenticity, and promoting efficient and secure information management. Their service portfolio encompasses Document Storage, Document Scanning, Document Shredding, Electronic Document Management, Data Vaulting, and Risk Management Solutions.


The client articulated a precise vision for their upcoming website, emphasizing the need for a contemporary and engaging design to elevate their online visibility. Key areas targeted for enhancement included a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to amplify their presence on search engines. This strategic move aimed to augment website traffic, potentially resulting in heightened sales or conversions.

Additionally, the client sought to enhance the overall user experience of their website. This involved crafting a user-friendly, visually captivating interface that offered visitors a seamless journey. The goal was to prolong visitor engagement by making the website easy to navigate, thereby encouraging prolonged stays and deeper interaction with the content.

Establishing credibility held significant importance for the client. They aimed for a website with a professional, trustworthy, and contemporary appearance. Such a design strategy was intended to instill confidence and trust among potential customers, thereby enhancing their perception of the client's products or services.

Lastly, the client's previous website encountered a security breach involving malware attacks, posing a significant threat to customer data and overall security. In response to this critical concern, the client sought the development of a secure, efficient, and scalable DNN portal to replace the compromised website. This strategic move aimed to fortify the new website against potential security breaches in the future, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information.

We possessed a distinct vision for the client's new website, encompassing a contemporary design and enhancements in pivotal areas like SEO, user experience, credibility, and security. Through the implementation of these improvements, the client aspired to elevate their online presence and, in turn, stimulate increased business traffic to their website.

Development Technologies Involved

  • ASP.NET with C# Programming
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

DNN Development Services

  • DNN Extension Development
  • DNN Skin Design and Development
  • DNN Website Development and Customization
  • DNN Branding and Theme Customization
  • DNN Performance Optimization
  • DNN Maintenance and Support
  • DNN Consulting and Training
  • DNN Third-party Integration
  • DNN Security Audit and Enhancement
  • DNN Hosting and Deployment


We crafted a contemporary website, seamlessly transitioning to the DotNetNuke Theme (Skin) while adhering to the highest industry standards and quality benchmarks. Introducing a distinctive animation flow using HTML, users can now effortlessly access detailed information about specific services by interacting with the animated chart. Additionally, we engineered a series of tailored extensions on the DotNetNuke Platform to accommodate the unique requirements of the client. Our design incorporates a high-quality theme that automatically adjusts elements such as images, bullets, and paragraph indentations, ensuring a responsive HTML layout that adapts to the user's device.

We conceptualized a new and contemporary layout integrating a comprehensive branding scheme. Our seasoned designers painstakingly created a design that not only mirrors the client's brand identity but also guarantees a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for website visitors.

We have seamlessly integrated a distinctive and captivating feature that delivers animated content to users, enabling them to interact with various departments on the website through an illustrative diagram. Our skilled designers and developers have collaboratively designed an intuitive user interface, elevating the overall user experience and streamlining navigation for effortless interaction.

Our team adeptly transformed the client's PSD (Photoshop Document) design files into responsive HTML and Bootstrap. Our seasoned developers meticulously optimized the website for diverse screen sizes and devices, guaranteeing an optimal user experience across all platforms. Furthermore, we seamlessly translated the HTML design into a DNN Theme/Skin.

We delivered top-tier support services that efficiently oversee the DNN Portal and its content. Our proficient support team leveraged their expertise to guarantee the seamless operation and administration of the website, allowing the client to concentrate on their core business activities. Additionally, we engineered a range of tailored extensions purpose-built to meet the project's distinct needs. Our adept developers utilized their experience to craft customized solutions, enriching the website's functionality and usability for an optimal user experience.

Having proficiently concluded the development and maintenance aspects, the oversight of the website transitioned to a dedicated third-party agency specializing in SEO and support services. Our team meticulously executed all requisite handover procedures, ensuring the website was in a stable and optimal condition for the third-party agency to seamlessly take over. We take pride in delivering top-notch solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs, and we are delighted to have successfully fulfilled our role in this project.

DNN Customization


The client expressed high satisfaction with the exceptional and modern branded layout we delivered. Alongside this, our team implemented an intuitive content management feature, allowing for swift and trouble-free configuration of custom extensions that played a versatile role across multiple pages of their website. The high-quality design, featuring a branded layout with configurable extensions, not only attracted more business for the client but also facilitated seamless interaction between users and their support team.

Beyond elevating the user experience, our solution enabled the client to enhance their search engine visibility with a secure and well-structured web application powered by the robust DotNetNuke Framework. Our team of experts dedicated their efforts to create a website that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. We take immense pride in our capacity to provide customized solutions that contribute to our clients achieving their business objectives.

Feedback from the client: "Excellent work done!", "Jitendra has great follow up skills and has always done the job right",


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