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DNN Custom Module Development

With a robust 15-year presence in the DNN market, specializing in enterprise solutions, our expertise and proven track record make us the reliable choice for your upcoming project. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of custom DNN modules and ASP.NET projects, serving startups, government organizations, and various industries. Whether you seek a fully customized solution or integration of new features into existing modules, we eagerly await your ideas to turn them into reality.

As DotNetNuke Experts, our focus lies in crafting and developing bespoke DNN modules, providing top-notch services across a spectrum of industries. We've achieved significant milestones in module development and skin design. Our development team boasts exceptional proficiency in DNN module development procedures and techniques, adhering to industry standards and best practices for on-page SEO. Proficient in advanced technologies like DNN SPA, DNN MVC, DNN Razor, DNN Ajax, and custom DNN modules, our developers are equipped to support specific DNN versions. Our DNN development process adheres to predefined quality standards and a comprehensive checklist, ensuring optimal development time and scalable practices. Additionally, our catalog includes purchasable DNN module extensions, featuring integrated SEO capabilities and the flexibility to modify HTML/CSS from the administration interface. Reach out today to explore our demo work and discuss your DotNetNuke development needs.


DNN TeamAs seasoned technical partners, we comprehensively comprehend your needs and actively engage in discussions to finalize your specific requirements. Our role extends beyond mere execution – we provide valuable insights and suggest potential extensions, ensuring an optimal approach to meet your objectives. Leveraging our experience, we guide you on efficient alternatives, such as configuring existing modules or utilizing third-party solutions, if applicable. We prioritize transparent communication, thoroughly discussing available options and the advantages each presents before committing any efforts.

Having amassed years of experience across diverse industries, we recognize the individuality of each business and its unique requirements. Our commitment lies in delivering tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your needs, simplifying maintenance and ensuring that we fulfill our promises.


We do DotNetNuke Extension DevelopmentHarnessing cutting-edge tools and technologies, we elevate our brand's value and visibility. Our RESULTS-DRIVEN strategy remains dedicated to fulfilling needs and surpassing expectations. The essence of our commitment lies in our adeptness at taking complete ownership of your requirements, utilizing the latest tools and techniques to provide tailored solutions. Our emphasis on delivering outstanding DNN website building and maintenance services underscores our dedication to optimized performance, ensuring swift and efficient development for maximal outcomes with minimal effort. By remaining engaged with the DNN community and staying abreast of the latest trends and tools, we uphold a global perspective on industry practices.

Full Responsibility

Dotnetnuke Module Development Company Our team specializes in developing impeccably coded extension modules, ensuring they are fully functional and rigorously tested through both unit and integration testing processes. Leveraging the robust features and framework of the DNN Content Management System, our DotNetNuke Module Developers deliver optimal solutions that align with your business objectives, enhancing overall productivity. At DNN Developers, we assume complete responsibility for our DotNetNuke development services. Our commitment is to surpass client expectations by implementing practical, precise, and cost-effective solutions within the DNN CMS framework.



DotNetNuke Specialist As dedicated content writers and SEO experts, we are committed to delivering exceptional results while upholding the highest standards of quality. Our approach is purposeful, trustworthy, and rooted in a dedication to fulfilling promises. Loyalty to our customers, team, and business is at the core of our values. We prioritize clarity and take deliberate steps to execute tasks, steering clear of excuses and confusion. Our passion lies in achieving outstanding outcomes for your business. Leveraging our skills, expertise, and knowledge, our overarching goal is to EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS. Understanding your requirements thoroughly is paramount to us. We ensure a comprehensive grasp of your needs before contributing our insights, ensuring accurate delivery that aligns with your complete satisfaction.



Dotnetnuke Development CompanyDnn Developers is your premier destination for a diverse array of DotNetNuke and Evoq Platform services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to elevate your business. As seasoned experts in the field, we bring together technological proficiency, strategic delivery methodologies, and adaptable engagement models to align seamlessly with your investment goals and desired outcomes. Our commitment to delivering top-notch services remains steadfast, aiming not just to meet but surpass your expectations, ensuring a delightful experience with the results we deliver. With a meticulous approach, we leave no task unattended, maintaining a results-driven mindset and consistently refining our skills to achieve objectives with utmost effectiveness.



"Our experienced professionals, equipped with extensive industry knowledge, work diligently to elevate your business to unparalleled heights of success."

Modern Frameworks

Modern frameworks such as MVC, SPA, and Angular are utilized to their fullest potential to achieve your business requirements.

Experienced Developers

Our team has extensive experience in developing and implementing complex custom DNN modules to customize the DotNetNuke.

Quality Services

Our pursuit of excellence is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement for efficiency and effectiveness.

Timely Delivery

Our top priority is to deliver on time, maintain clean and readable code, and adhere to the highest quality standards.

DotNetNuke Module Development

We derive satisfaction from our code, emphasizing readability to enable forward-compatibility. In other words, if the code is transparent and comprehensible, it can be modified to accommodate future functionalities and scale with your business. Below are the key factors we consider when developing high-quality DotNetNuke modules or extensions.

  • We possess practical experience and expertise in utilizing contemporary frameworks to develop DNN modules and extensions.
  • We are well-versed in the DNA of the DNN framework, including implementing interfaces, utilizing built-in DNN controls, and integrating with the core platform through various methods.
  • Our expertise and industry knowledge enable us to efficiently achieve desired functionality, making us the Specialists.


DotNetNuke Module Development
DotNetNuke Module Development

We are DotNetNuke Experts, specializing in custom DNN module design and development by delivering quality service for a variety of industries. Working on DNN for more than 10 years, we achieved significant milestones in DNN module development and DNN skin design. Our development team has exceptional expertise in DNN module development procedures and techniques by maintaining development standards and on-page SEO.

Our DNN Developers have deep knowledge of advanced DotNetNuke module development technologies like the DNN SPA Module, DNN MVC Module, DNN Razor, DNN Ajax, and Custom DNN Module to support the specific version of DNN.

We have predefined quality standards and a checklist for the DNN development process to achieve optimum development time and scalable development practices. We are a DNN module extension developer, and several are available for purchase. We offer demo work and modules to help you proceed with your DotNetNuke development requirements. Most of our modules have integrated SEO features and the option of changing HTML or CSS from the administration.


With a proven track record of delivering hundreds of custom dotnetnuke modules to our clients, we are recognized as the foremost experts in DNN development."


With a rich history of developing over 100 custom modules, our team boasts not only technical prowess but also a proven track record. Our expertise extends to a profound understanding of DNN module compatibility and the intricacies of the upgrade process, enabling us to exercise caution right from the project's inception.

In our development practices, we strictly adhere to the highest coding standards, employing rapid methodologies to ensure the swift and efficient completion of your project without compromising quality.

In addition to our tailored development services, we offer a range of DNN modules as products, accessible at http://modules.dnndeveloper.in

Collaborating with us ensures that you benefit from the extensive experience and knowledge our team brings to the table, resulting in high-quality custom modules precisely tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Our dedicated designers and engineers focus their daily efforts on DotNetNuke-specific projects, leveraging their in-depth knowledge and experience to achieve more in less time. The outcomes are not just effective; they are efficient, supporting the growth of your organization.


Our DNN developers employ advanced automation platforms to streamline the creation of DNN module packages, enhancing development speed and efficiency. Leveraging pre-built module templates, we not only save time but also uphold rigorous quality standards throughout the development lifecycle.

With a profound understanding of DNN framework interfaces and their functionalities, our team ensures seamless module operation upon installation, thereby enhancing the overall functionality of the DNN Platform.

To ensure the delivery of superior work, we adopt the latest tools and adhere to coding best practices, maintaining elevated quality standards. Our commitment to clean and simple code minimizes deployment challenges, guaranteeing the smooth functionality of your module.

Partnering with us assures you of top-tier work, as our team utilizes cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to ensure the optimal performance of your DNN module.


With our extensive expertise, we specialize in adeptly crafting and implementing custom module layouts, ensuring harmonious integration without disrupting your established theme or skin. Our adept designers excel at maintaining a clear distinction between module-level style and layout, preventing any conflict with inherent DNN resources.

Devoted to providing modules that seamlessly align with diverse DNN themes and platform versions, we prioritize the flexibility and currency of your website. By meticulously segregating design elements from the underlying functionality, we guarantee a consistent visual identity and an optimal user experience.

Collaborating with us assures you that your custom module layout adheres to the latest industry best practices and seamlessly integrates into your current website framework. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver superior-quality work that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

DotNetNuke Services
  • DotNetNuke Module Development
  • DNN Sketch, PSD, and HTML to DNN Theme Templates and Integration
  • DotNetNuke Version Upgrade
  • DotNetNuke Skin Designing
  • Business logic and data integration
  • Custom CMS application development
  • Business process integration
  • Third-party module integration
  • DNN Portal Development
  • DNN administration and maintenance
  • DNN business logic and data integration
  • DNN Installation and Configuration
  • DNN migration and content administration
  • Professional DotNetNuke Support
  • DotNetNuke Customization
  • DNN Custom Modules Development and Integration
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Dnn Developer Module Advantages
  • Full-Service for the DNN Development, Design to Implementations
  • Expert and very experienced team of DNN Developer and designers
  • Quality Processes and Standards with QA Tested Modules
  • On-page SEO and advanced features like portable and upgradable Integrated
  • Outstanding technical support and consulting after the sales process
Best Quality and Service Assurance

We offer full-day work without any charge; you are free to proceed further once satisfied with the services and results. We would happily provide our client references if you need to get feedback about our services. Below is some recent feedback from one of our clients.

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DNN Module Developers

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Let us discuss your needs, and we will be happy to assist you.Leave it to us to translate your requirements into implemented functionality that improves your business.

  • Reliable and experienced services through expert knowledge
  • Dedicated professionals who are always ready to help and support
  • Best quality standards and code practices
  • Accurate and transparent progress status

We deliver high-end modules that are robust, powerful, and efficient.


To know more about our affordable services, contact us today or drop us a mail with the requirements at Jitendra@DnnDeveloper.In We will respond to you as soon as possible.