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Custom DNN Theme
DNN Theme Design & Development

For the past decade, we've been crafting high-quality DotNetNuke websites that captivate our clients' target audiences through exceptional custom DotNetNuke theme designs. Our extensive experience spans every version of the DNN platform, ensuring our ability to deliver the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs. The passion of our DNN developers is evident in their commitment to creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly. With our expertise, your website is guaranteed to stand out, aiding you in achieving your business objectives. Trust us to be your partner in crafting a website that truly makes a difference.

Our design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics; we focus on efficiency in driving traffic and encouraging customer engagement. We view design as a tool for enhancing productivity and conversion rates. Unlike simply creating layouts, we meticulously consider objectives, technical requirements for DNN themes, real-life experiences, SEO aspects, and design effects that are both user-friendly and attractive. Our approach aims to deliver a comprehensive design solution that not only meets all your requirements but also ensures your website stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

DotNetNuke Skin Development

The Design

DNNDevelopers creates a clean, modern design with branding. Our process includes discovery, research & analysis, site map, wireframe & mockups, PSD, HTML & style-sheets, animation/effects, and client scripts to deliver a fully customized solution.

Visual Appeal

We Design responsive theme that optimizes websites for all screen sizes, ensuring easy navigation and interaction on any device. Built with ultra-responsive frameworks, you get a fantastic looking DNN site that works flawlessly on high pixel density devices.


We Design functional DotNetNuke theme or skin and provide all the necessary features to ensure a great user experience. This includes features such as navigation, search functionality, social media integration, and forms layouts, skinobjects and containers.


We deliver customizable DNN themes, this includes the ability to modify colors, typography, layout, and other design elements. Customizability is crucial in ensuring that the theme or skin can be tailored to the brand and personality of the website.

DNN Responsive Theme

DotNetNuke Skin Development

Fluid responsive design, a web development approach, dynamically adjusts a website's appearance based on the screen size and orientation of the device. The standout feature of a fully responsive design is its flawless display across all browsers and devices.

The choice of approach relies on the layout and design, with CSS and JavaScript frameworks (such as Bootstrap, Material UI, Semantic UI) streamlining efforts and time during the conversion of PSD to Responsive HTML. At times, we leverage CSS Transitions and Media Queries. Our extensive experience allows us to capitalize on various techniques, including Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass) and Leaner CSS (LESS), both CSS preprocessors that enhance design simplicity and efficiency.

SEO Ready DNN Skin

SEO Ready theme is the one specifically designed based on principles of Search engine optimization, which means while development or creation of the theme/template targeted keywords, meta, title tags or content specific variable name already defined/mentioned at the files. DotNetNuke allows changing the page and content level SEO keywords and meta at page settings and HTML module but not the naming convention of files and inline variable names of the file. So basically it's boosting your SEO by using targeted naming convention instead of standard.

This SEO Ready theme comes with built-in SEO attributes (Keywords and Meta), is extremely lightweight, complies with W3C standards, features structured HTML tags, utilizes SEO-friendly keywords in files, IDs, or control elements, and includes structured data markup to enhance search engine understanding of the content. We specialize in designing DNN SEO Ready themes that not only elevate your search engine rankings but also drive increased organic traffic to your website.

DotNetNuke Skin SEO

Clean Commented Code / HTML

DotNetNuke Theme Development

Clean code is characterized by minimal complexity, readability, semantic clarity, logical structure, and meticulous formatting and styling. As DNN Developers, we prioritize the implementation of high-quality themes by incorporating short explanatory comments where necessary. These comments serve as references for designers or provide brief explanations that aid in code management and maintenance for future enhancements. Our approach involves designing a predefined, well-formatted file hierarchy that facilitates efficient access and quick modifications, thereby enhancing code and HTML readability.

We meticulously write clean code to ensure compatibility with different browsers and optimize web page performance and speed. By adhering to correct markup syntax and styles, we prevent issues related to W3C compliance. The proper structuring of files contributes to a lightweight theme, with segments organized in similar styles or HTML for various elements.


As a DotNetNuke development team, we specialize in building websites and web applications on the DNN Platform. With years of expertise in the DotNetNuke framework, we offer tailored solutions that align with your requirements, providing enhanced control over content and seamless integration to surpass your expectations. Our DNN developers possess extensive experience across various versions of the DotNetNuke platform, including the latest version, enabling us to deliver custom module development.

Whether you prefer a fresh PSD design from scratch or already have an HTML or PSD design, our team at Dnn Developer can craft a precise and efficient DNN Theme that stays true to your original concept.

We excel at translating detailed specifications into clean DNN designs, ensuring your site is efficient, responsive, and compatible with all modern browsers. Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we deliver results that meet the desired outcome with precision on the first attempt.

Our DNN Theme Development service is dedicated to transforming your mock-up into a flawless, fully interactive DNN Theme, providing a user-friendly experience.

DotNetNuke Theme Designing

We specialize in delivering professional, visually appealing, and responsive DotNetNuke Themes or DNN Skin designs. With our team of skilled designers and developers, you'll find a comprehensive solution from design to the integrated DNN Theme all under one roof. Our experienced team is proficient in designing layouts from PSD to HTML or HTML to DNN Theme.

Our expertise extends to designing CSS3, Bootstrap, HTML5, Responsive, Multi-Purpose DotNetNuke Themes, covering various categories such as Photo Albums, Gallery, Social Pages, Mega Menu, Mobile Themes, Mobility, Mobile Blog, Page Templates, Animations, Responsive Themes, Retina, One Page, and more.

We adhere to best practices by defining as many possible panes/panels to provide wide options for content adjustments. Leveraging the Bootstrap framework, we ensure compatibility with all devices for DNN design and DNN Skin. Our reliable and experienced designers are adept at delivering fresh and clean designs with innovative and unique layout ideas.

We design DNN themes for all DotNetNuke versions, including the latest, and offer exclusive support for content management. Providing multiple colored and styled containers for the DNN Skin, we give you the freedom of choices. Customizing DNN themes and adjusting layouts according to your requirements is our forte.

With our experience, we understand how to design skins with a focus on technical aspects to achieve better performance and on-page SEO. We offer multiple mock-ups for selection, proceeding step by step based on approval and design. Setting up a Page template ensures easy management of new pages and content.


We specialize in transforming your ideas or concepts into visually stunning DotNetNuke websites through DNN Theme design. Our experienced team collaborates with clients to finalize design needs, beginning with the creation of a graphical mock-up based on the provided brief. This allows you to visualize how your site will appear online. Our strength lies in understanding your vision thoroughly, enabling us to produce an exact mock-up design that aligns with your imagination.

From the initial discussions, we excel in translating your precise requirements into a fully functional DNN theme. Our design approach prioritizes usability and speed, making them the main focus for the DNN Skin.

Understand the Requirements


DNNDevelopers ensure that they have a clear understanding of the client's requirements before starting to design a DNN theme. This can help them create a theme that meets the client's needs and exceeds their expectations.

Ultra Responsive & Compatible


Ensuring that DNN Theme works well and looks great across all devices, we utilize a responsive CSS framework  Bootstrap, or Cross-Browser Compatible Libraries during design and test the theme on various browsers and devices.


Optimize for Performance


We optimize the DNN theme for performance, ensuring the website loads quickly and runs smoothly. This can include optimizing images, reducing unnecessary code, compressing and minifying, and utilizing caching.

Best Practices FOR SECURITY


We follow best practices for security when developing a custom DotNetNuke theme. This includes using secure coding practices, keeping software up-to-date, and implementing measures to protect against common web vulnerabilities.


If you have an existing PSD design, our proficiency in converting PSD to DotNetNuke theme is at your disposal. We adeptly transform your PSD into DNN skin templates and containers, emphasizing meticulous section/panel declarations and flexible container separation for optimal page structure. Our approach involves maintaining separate style layers through distinct media queries, ensuring valid XHTML and CSS Layout, and prioritizing cross-browser compatibility for major browsers. Count on us to deliver a DNN Skin with well-structured style layers tailored to your specifications.


Our service involves transforming your HTML into 100% pixel-perfect DotNetNuke Theme Templates, incorporating dynamic menus, containers, jQuery, and essential resources for seamless integration of your UI/UX design within DNN style layers. We implement a clean code strategy to uphold consistent branding across different controls, adhering to the best standards to organize and structure the design code effectively. Additionally, we guarantee that your DNN Skin includes the appropriate set of styles for global and common control branding.


We provide support for refining your existing DNN theme to meet your specific requirements. Our design modification services encompass adjustments to page sections, enhancements in content management for administrators, and improvements to performance or structure.

Furthermore, we offer the option to expand or modify your theme by incorporating custom templates tailored to your design preferences. Our commitment ensures the seamless integration of the extended theme template, complemented by a new layer of styles.

DNN Theme Design Service
  • Web Design
  • PSD to DNN Theme
  • HTML to DNN Theme
  • DNN Portal Design
  • DNN PDF or Sketch to Theme
  • Concept or Idea to DNN Skin
Dnn Developer Theme Advantages
  • Full-Service for the DNN Designing, mock-up or PSD to DotNetNuke Theme
  • HTML5 – CSS3 with Slider or Gallery
  • On demand Bootstrap and CSS3 Animations effect
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly DNN Theme
  • On-Page SEO and best practice to designing
  • Outstanding Technical Support and Consulting after sales process
Best Quality and Service Assurance

With our skilled designers dedicated to crafting the best for your business, Dnn Developer is committed to delivering top-quality services. Should you require feedback about our services, we would be delighted to provide client references.

DotNetNuke Theme Design Services Includes

  • Custom DotNetNuke skins: From conceptualization to the delivery of a fully functional DNN theme, our process follows a step-by-step approach. We meticulously design and implement themes for your DotNetNuke Portal, whether with or without content.
  • PSD to DotNetNuke: Transforming your Photoshop (PSD) design into a polished DNN Theme is within our expertise.
  • Static HTML to DNN: We specialize in converting your static HTML into dynamic DotNetNuke CMS themes, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Check out our DNN Custom modules and give us a shout!

FAQs : DNN Themes or Skins Design and Development

Designing a DotNetNuke skin involves crafting the visual elements and layout for a website or web application within the DotNetNuke (DNN) content management system. This encompasses aspects like color schemes, typography, layout structure, and overall design components.

The process typically starts with close collaboration with the client to grasp their branding guidelines, design preferences, and any specific functionalities they require. Once the requirements are gathered, the design team produces mockups and wireframes for the skin, which undergo client review and approval.

Upon approval of the mockups, the development team translates them into HTML and CSS code to bring the visual design of the skin to life. Custom functionalities, such as search bars, contact forms, or social media integrations, may also be incorporated into the skin.

DotNetNuke skin design plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of a website or web application by influencing the overall user experience and establishing the brand identity. A well-crafted DNN skin enhances engagement, user-friendliness, and the memorability of the digital presence.

In crafting a DotNetNuke theme, developers go through meticulous testing phases to ensure a superior, fully functional product that aligns with the client's expectations. This includes thorough assessments in Cross-browser compatibility, Responsive design, Functionality, Performance, Code quality, and Security. These comprehensive tests are meticulously conducted to ensure optimal performance, error-free functionality, adherence to web standards, and resilience against potential cyber threats.
Creating a DotNetNuke (DNN) theme or skin involves a systematic process encompassing essential stages. These include gathering client requirements, crafting design mockups, implementing features, rigorous testing and debugging, final product delivery, installation or deployment, and continuous support and maintenance. Adhering to this structured approach enables a development company to deliver a visually appealing and functional DNN skin that aligns with the client's specifications.


To know more about our affordable services, contact us today or drop us a mail with the requirements at Jitendra@DnnDeveloper.In We will respond to you as soon as possible.