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REMI School of Real Estate appears to be an educational institution specializing in real estate, offering training and certification programs within the real estate industry. Its curriculum likely covers various subjects, including property law, appraisal, property management, real estate finance, and sales and marketing. The school is likely dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge and skills essential for a successful career in the real estate profession.

Our valued client, RemiTeam, utilizes an Accord LMS (Learning Management System) solution paired with a RevIndex Shopping Cart (e-Commerce) for their offerings. REMI excels in delivering top-notch, comprehensive online courses in residential, commercial, and investment real estate. As a technological innovator in education platforms, REMI not only provides quality real estate courses but also integrates LMS and certification services, backed by robust support services.


They encountered numerous issues with the current system, including the absence of real-time data on recently completed learning courses and the need to handle certification processes. There were challenges in tracking conversations with learners, addressing requests for certificate renewals, and ensuring accurate records of interactions. On the flip side, Remi Team is under contract with the local government to issue certifications within specific timelines following the successful completion of online courses. With over 15,000 active users engaging with the portal daily, Remi Team provides a range of learning services.

  • The client required comprehensive DotNetNuke services to effectively handle their intricate processes and workflows. They sought the support of a skilled technical team to process a daily list of completed courses, ensuring the generation and delivery of license certifications.
  • Additionally, they require a dashboard (Student lookup) to enhance their customer support capabilities. This tool allows them to swiftly gather comprehensive details about any learner when addressing user calls for problem resolution or troubleshooting requests.
  • Remi Team desired an extension that would enable them to send specific messages, such as maintenance notifications, advertisements, or event updates, to each learner on a one-time basis.
  • The client needed a series of extensions to customize the DNN Portal based on different countries. They sought a versatile extension applicable to multiple states with easy configuration, allowing them to manage courses, list, and filter courses for specific pages or states using the catalog set up by Accord LMS.
  • The business required a DNN Extension for Google E-commerce tag management to track each sale and transmit revenue details to Google Analytics.
  • A sliding logo and owl carousel etc. bunch of tailored made extension was required.
  • The Student License and NAR extension allows users to input their license number and NAR (National Association of Realtors) information upon logging into the portal.
  • All learning users needed to appear on the ZopIM (Zendesk) dashboard, enabling the support team to monitor their activities.

Prior to testing and implementation, each task must undergo development and be executed in a beta (clone) environment. Additionally, we revamped the entire website, introducing a new theme/skin and restructuring the pages.

Development Technologies Involved

  • ASP.NET with C# Programming
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

DNN Development Services

  • DNN Consulting and Integration
  • DNN Extension Development
  • DNN Skin / Theme enhancements
  • DotNetNuke migration services
  • DotNetNuke Third-party extension template modification and integrations
  • DotNetNuke Support, Maintenance of content, and fixing the bugs


The primary objective was to devise a solution that consolidates their business into a single extension capable of generating reports on users who have completed various stages of real estate courses. Additionally, a custom logic was required: if the admin designates a double asterisk to any course phase, the system should initiate tracking for those phases, displaying a list of users who have completed them during the learning stages of Accord LMS.

The LMS already captures user input upon chapter completion, logging it into the database. We developed a synchronization process to qualify these user lists, visible to CCL Dashboard admin users as CCL Rows. Admins can interact with them by utilizing automatic email templates configured with the extension. They have the ability to modify learner details, track progress with special notes managed by the support team, and filter and configure lists based on states and categories. This system and solution are highly accurate, and the daily support team handles thousands of qualified user lists, processing license certificates and monitoring the progress of each user.

Additionally, we set up a student lookup section providing details about any learner, encompassing completed and purchased courses, licenses, NAR status, and options for modifying license details. This feature enables the support team to expedite data manipulation operations efficiently.

Our custom-built CCL extension delivers a precise result set with filter criteria, enabling the streamlined processing of certification within the contracted time frame once a user successfully completes a course. The extension exhibits high accuracy, efficiently handling thousands of rows and aiding the support team in tracking each certificate that requires precise delivery.

  • The time can be configured (to support daylight saving time)
  • Export the CCL rows as CSV
  • Student list that allows individual student list of course,
  • Sends bulk emails with tokens and email templates per course

The client has established an efficient workflow process where the system accurately compiles a list of users who have completed courses, allowing staff to systematically handle each entry for certification or renewal. The support team can easily filter and monitor user data, adding notes or tracking details as needed. After processing, users receive an email with notification information through a template-based email. The admin has the flexibility to configure groups (state-wise lists of courses), default selected courses, and the columns to be rendered.

The client has maintained a continuous partnership with us since 2017, and we have consistently addressed and implemented every maintenance requirement and task they have raised with utmost effectiveness!


Feedback from the client: "Very attentive to customer needs and able adapt to unknowns that arise over the project. Has the expertise to understand complex existing system in order to build custom modules based on customer requirements. Very knowledgeable about the project. Used past experiences to ensure the project goals were met."

RemiTeam.com's CCL Extension serves as an efficient solution, empowering clients to oversee the entire process of tracking, generating certificates, and communicating with learners.


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