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We were referred to took on the responsibility of being a reliable IT partner, which included managing both the technical and content aspects of a DotNetNuke (DNN) portal. They worked to improve the performance and scalability of the portal by applying security patches, fixing bugs, and upgrading to newer versions of the DNN platform. They also created custom DNN modules or extensions to enhance the functionality of the portal and improved the look and feel of the portal by making enhancements to the DNN themes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

We were also responsible for troubleshooting any issues that arose with the portal and managing site backups to ensure that data was not lost in the event of a technical issue and responsible for restoring the site in the event of an issue and managing site configurations and settings.

Development Technologies Involved

  • ASP.NET with C# Programming
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Google DoubleClick and Analytics Integration

DNN Development Services

  • DNN Consulting
  • DotNetNuke Customization
  • DNN Extension Development
  • DNN Skin / Theme enhancements
  • DotNetNuke Third-party extension template modification and integrations
  • DotNetNuke Support, Maintenance of content, and fixing the bugs


Played an integral role in managing the design and technical aspects of dictionary listings, ensuring a positive user experience and smooth operation of the platform or website that hosts the listings

we have developed a diverse range of custom DNN extensions that have been highly effective in meeting the requirements of our clients. Our focus on innovation, functionality, and optimization has enabled us to deliver solutions that provide tangible value to our clients.

As a team, we possess a wealth of experience in troubleshooting functional issues related to DotNetNuke (DNN). We pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing any potential impact on our clients' operations.

we have helped our clients integrate a wide range of third-party APIs, providing them with enhanced functionality and expanded capabilities. Our approach to API integration is built on a foundation of excellence, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support.

We possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience required to modify third-party extensions and make template changes to DNN websites and portals. We are committed to delivering solutions that are customized to our clients' unique requirements, providing them with the flexibility and functionality they need to succeed.

Listed below are the essential services we contributed while managing both DotNetNuke websites.

  • Developing custom DNN modules and extensions using .NET C# and SQL Server
  • Customization of the DNN themes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • DNN upgrading version to the latest version
  • Integrating DNN with third-party systems, such as google double click or marketing automation tools
  • Optimizing site performance, such as optimizing SQL queries, caching, and page load times
  • Implementing and customizing DNN security features, such as user authentication, permissions, and SSL encryption
  • Customizing workflows and business processes using DNN's built-in workflows and/or third-party workflow tools.
  • Providing consultancy and advisory services on DNN best practices, site architecture, and software development methodologies.
  • Providing custom development services for DNN mobile/responsive layout
  • Addressing any troubleshooting or problem solving when facing error or issue


Feedback from the client: ""We couldn’t be happier with Jitendra’s work he’s done for us. Whenever we need maintenance done or some features added to our websites he’s immediately available and finishes the assignment in the allotted time. Great depth of knowledge in the workings of DNN and is very pleasant to work with.""


Partner with us for top-tier DotNetNuke development services that exceed your expectations and drive your success forward. Contact us today to get started at Jitendra@DnnDeveloper.In We will respond to you as soon as possible.