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"Guide2Dubai" serves as a comprehensive travel and tourism guide, offering insights into Dubai, a prominent city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Tailored for tourists, the guide provides details on noteworthy attractions, cultural events, dining, shopping, and more, aiding travelers in planning and optimizing their Dubai experience.

A standout feature of "Guide2Dubai" is its wealth of guides and articles, covering diverse topics from premier shopping destinations to cultural hotspots. The website also includes a business directory, simplifying the search for local services, ranging from car rentals to tour operators.

Beyond catering to tourists, "Guide2Dubai" dedicates a section to residents, featuring valuable resources and guides on essential topics like healthcare, education, and real estate. Regular updates ensure the website remains a reliable source of current information for all visitors.


The client approached us with an outdated DotNetNuke portal, along with a collection of customized extension source codes aimed at modernizing and addressing various extension-related issues. The goal was to revamp the system and enhance the DNN Portal, primarily by updating it to the latest DotNetNuke version.

Facing operational challenges due to increased service demand, the company encountered performance issues, security breaches, and malfunctions in their DNN Portal. To sustain and expand market presence, including entering new markets like Qatar and Kuwait, functional enhancements and security improvements were crucial. The existing development team had configured the portal and its extensions using Telerik RAD controls, but security concerns led to discontinuing their use in the latest DotNetNuke version.

The integration of over 50 custom extensions involved utilizing the built-in DNN Table to store thumbnail and large images for various pages, including news, events, and directory content. However, conventional system upgrading was deemed impractical due to modifications introduced in the updated DNN version, affecting the interface and functionalities associated with storing data for page images.

Development Technologies Involved

  • ASP.NET with C# Programming
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

DNN Development Services

  • DNN Extension Development
  • DNN Skin Design and Development
  • DNN Website Development and Customization
  • DNN Upgrades and Migrations
  • DNN Performance Optimization
  • DNN Maintenance and Support
  • DNN Consulting and Training
  • DNN Third-party Integration
  • DNN Security Audit and Enhancement
  • DNN Hosting and Deployment
  • Upgraded the DNN Instance to the latest version
  • Adjustments/Enhancements/Changes to the custom extensions
  • Cloning one website to another two
  • Maintenance and support
  • Security Attacks on websites, malware, and Malware Injection


Enhancements to the performance of DNN extensions were realized through the implementation of specific programming techniques. An identified memory leak issue within the DNN platform resulted in an excessive consumption of memory over time. To remedy this, the implementation of custom paging functionality became imperative, ensuring a smaller amount of rows were retrieved per request. This strategic approach optimized system resource utilization, alleviating the impact of the memory leak issue on overall system performance. Utilizing custom paging effectively reduced the amount of data retrieved from the database, leading to decreased memory consumption and an overall improvement in system stability.

We crafted a tailored DNN extension to meet the distinct needs of a client. This encompassed the application of diverse programming techniques and development methodologies, ensuring seamless integration with the DNN platform and efficient functionality aligned with the client's specifications.

A DNN version upgrade was executed to ensure the optimal and secure operation of the system, incorporating the latest features and functionality. This undertaking involved meticulous planning, testing, and implementation phases, prioritizing a seamless upgrade of the DNN platform with minimal disruption to the client's ongoing operations. Furthermore, the upgraded version underwent thorough testing and validation to confirm compatibility with existing extensions and modules.

A duplicate of the DNN portal was generated to emulate the current portal within an isolated environment, serving various objectives such as testing, development, and backup. This procedure entailed duplicating the portal's database, settings, and configurations to establish a precise replica of the portal, inclusive of extensions and functionalities. Following this, the replicated portal underwent comprehensive testing to validate its fidelity to the original version, ensuring its suitability for use as a backup or for testing and development endeavors.

In the event of a security breach on a DNN platform, a remediation effort was executed to return the system to its prior secure condition. This recovery procedure encompassed various tasks such as pinpointing the origin and extent of the attack, implementing measures to thwart the assailant, eliminating any malware or viruses, and reinstating the platform to its former secure state. Expertise in cybersecurity and a deep understanding of DNN system architecture were essential to guarantee the platform's restoration to its previous operational status while safeguarding all data.

DNN support and monitoring

Our team successfully upgraded the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform to its most recent version and addressed issues associated with custom extensions. During the process, it was identified that previous implementations and frameworks heavily relied on DNN's built-in fields, such as page icons and images, for storing article images. However, these fields were no longer available in the latest DNN version.

To overcome this challenge, we devised a tailored extension enabling administrators to manage each article image independently. This solution not only ensured the seamless operation of the website but also leveraged the latest DNN version, offering enhanced flexibility and customization options. The client expressed satisfaction with our exceptional DNN support and maintenance service.


Following the successful performance of Guide2Dubai, two additional DNN websites were set up and launched with the names "visit-kuwait.com" and "OnlineQatar.com." These new websites were structured to mirror the operation of Guide2Dubai, incorporating the same fundamental features and functionality. However, they were customized to meet the specific requirements of visitors to Kuwait and Qatar, respectively.

By leveraging the DNN platform, these websites could enjoy the same elevated standards of customization, scalability, and security as the Guide2Dubai site. This approach allowed them to deliver a distinctive user experience tailored to the unique needs of their respective target audiences.

Feedback from the client: "Jitendra is professional and has deep technical knowledge in DNN and related areas. It has been a pleasure working with him. He was timely, easy to communicate with and delivered everything as expected. When we had some unexpected challenges, he worked with me to find solutions. Looking forward to work with him again for a different project soon.",  "Well qualified and professional DNN developer.", "Jitendrakumar is a well experienced DNN developer. Thank you for fixing this issue in a short amount of time."


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