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dotnetnuke support
Experienced Support Specialists

With a decade of experience in DotNetNuke security, maintenance, and repairs, DNNDevelopers boasts a team of specialists who have encountered every conceivable problem in the field. From minor glitches to major technical issues, we have solved them all.

Our team of reliable and trustworthy experts is always on hand to respond promptly to any DotNetNuke problem, ensuring that your DNN website is up and running smoothly with minimal downtime or disruption. With DNNDevelopers, you can rest assured that your website is in capable hands.

With years of hands-on experience in the DotNetNuke platform, we specialize in crafting customized solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it's implementing new functionality or modifying existing features, we have the expertise to get the job done right. At our core, we are dedicated to delivering superior results that exceed your expectations.

We provide comprehensive assistance with website designs, content creation, page and visual updates, hosting, configurations, and troubleshooting of any issues that may arise. You can count on us to maintain and repair your site, ensuring the utmost security of your valuable data.



Maintain Module / Extension

Our team is equipped to help you maintain your custom module with quality code, robust functionality, and feature expansions. We also provide support for template and layout changes, the removal of Telerik, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. You can rely on our expertise to ensure your custom module is operating at peak performance.

Feature changes functional support

Maintain DNN Skin / Theme

Our comprehensive support services include the ability to update or improve your DNN theme with new templates, content sections, or redesigns. In addition, we offer maintenance services to help you manage your content effectively, ensuring your website is running smoothly at all times.

Theme Template Content Changes

DotNetNuke Version Upgrade

If you're seeking to upgrade from an older DNN version to a newer one, we can provide our DNN upgrade service. Our team possesses vast experience in upgrading even the most complex DNN sites with a track record of successful upgrades. Upgrading to newer versions of DNN can enhance website security, boost performance, and grant access to new features.

DotNetNuke Version Upgrade to Latest

DNN Installation & Configuration

Our team can enhance your website's performance by integrating various portals and applications onto your current CMS. Additionally, we can assist with configuring, hosting, transferring, and installing new modules or extensions, while also configuring providers and settings to ensure optimal performance and security.



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DNN Bug Fixing

Our team of DNN professionals provides assistance in fixing bugs that may arise due to various reasons. Some of the common issues that we can help resolve include:

  • DNN Upgrades: After upgrading DotNetNuke, it is not uncommon to encounter issues with inbuilt or custom module extensions.
  • DNN Modules: Changes to the specific parameters of the DNN or Extension Modules environment can result in bugs or issues.
  • DNN Administration: Inappropriate changes to Roles, Alias, permission sets, or configurations can also cause issues.
  • DNN Content: Third-party modules or themes may allow content in specific formats or based on specific elements. When content is entered in a different format, it can lead to issues with HTML or Module data.

At DNN Developers, our knowledgeable and experienced DotNetNuke specialists can step in, troubleshoot, and fix these issues effectively by diving into the code.

DNN 3rd Party Extensions

Our team provides assistance in installing and configuring third-party modules for your DNN portal. At DNN Developers, we are experienced in configuring module extensions or themes for your DotNetNuke website by setting the configuration or layout. We can help set up HTML templates and product categories and extend the features of the module. We also offer guidance and training to manage the content.

In addition to module installation and configuration, DNN developers can design and develop custom DotNetNuke applications to meet specific individual needs for different industries. We can set up eCommerce stores, LMSs, galleries or carousels, articles or forums, and integrate any jQuery plugin or API as a DNN custom module.

DNN Upgradation

If you are looking to upgrade your existing or new site to the latest version of DNN without any hassle, our team can help. With years of technical knowledge and experience, we can upgrade your DNN portal smoothly from an old version to the latest.

At DNN Developers, we provide support to upgrade DNN to the latest version. We ensure that your website is compatible, editable, flexible, and, most importantly, secure with the latest version, editable, flexible, and, most importantly, secure with the latest version. We have the experience and knowledge to upgrade DNN the right way, and we know how to debug and resolve issues if they occur during the upgrade process. Our goal is to ensure the stability, security, and flexibility that the DNN platform has to offer.

In addition to supporting DNN version upgrades, we also offer support for upgrading custom or third-party modules, including their source code.

DotNetNuke Maintenance



We have a team of skilled engineers dedicated to providing excellent support and a deep understanding of the DotNetNuke platform to assist you with your project.

DNN Content Administration

Our team of experienced DNN developers can assure you that your DNN portal will function seamlessly without any problems when you choose us for support and maintenance services. We offer migration and upgrade services to the latest version of DotNetNuke for your existing DNN site.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our implementations, starting from designing themes to developing custom modules. Our team takes complete ownership of the work we produce, ensuring its quality and effectiveness.

DNN Hosting & Configuration

If you intend to use the DotNetNuke framework for hosting a CMS, it is essential to carefully evaluate the hosting plan's specifics. In addition to selecting a Windows hosting plan with the appropriate SQL Server version, you must also ensure that ASP.NET and Framework versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, and 4.0 are available. The size of the HDD and RAM can affect the performance of the hosting server, as can the IIS access required to create a dedicated application pool.

With our extensive experience in handling multiple DNN projects, we possess the necessary expertise to install, configure, and host DotNetNuke websites and their extensions. Our knowledge extends to hosting on Azure, AWS, or any other cloud server, as well as migrating to these platforms. Additionally, we can configure SMTP, FTP, permissions, and backup management for you. We take full responsibility for managing your server and DNN CMS settings, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Custom Modules / Extensions

Our team of expert programmers at DNN Developers follows the best practices to ensure the success of your project. We are well-versed in the standard procedures for establishing database connections, retrieving data, and making updates to the database. If you find yourself in a situation where your regular developer is unavailable, we can provide immediate attention to specific parts of your project. We can make adjustments to the source code, HTML, or scripts as necessary to keep your project running smoothly.

Our support services include modifying existing modules, attaching SEO keywords and tags, upgrading or migrating DNN, hosting, and adding external code or APIs as extensions or solutions. With our highly efficient development skills, we have helped clients significantly reduce costs.

DNN Migration

At the outset of any project, our team at DNN Developers takes the time to fully understand your business needs and processes through an initial client briefing and information gathering.

We place great emphasis on understanding the purpose, goals, and target audience of your website. Our team focuses on creating a user-friendly interface that is visually appealing and attracts your audience. To achieve this, we pay close attention to your competitor's website, analyzing its information structure, functionalities, and SEO elements, to ensure that your website stands out in the marketplace.

DNN Custom Module
  • Dedicated DNN Developer Team
  • Quality DotNetNuke extension development
  • Experienced developers' advantage
  • DNN Quality and Standards
  • Best Development Process or Practice
  • Knowledge of DNN Plug and Security
  • All DNN Version Module Development
  • Hands-on practice with module frameworks
  • DNN Theme Design from PSD
  • DNN skin customization
  • DNN theme configuration and maintenance
  • Fresh DNN Theme Design
  • DNN site upgrade
  • HTML to DNN Skin and Container Design
  • Custom Module Development
  • Third-party DNN module integration
  • DotNetNuke Consultancy
  • DNN bug fixing
  • DNN Version Upgrade
  • DNN Configuration and Hosting
  • DNN Migrations
  • Support on Exploit and Vulnerabilities
  • Custom Module Development
  • Custom DNN Skin or Theme Design
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