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DNN Software Development

DNN (DotNetNuke) is an open source Microsoft .Net based web content management system. DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) is a web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. The DNN Platform Edition is open source.

DotNetNuke Development

DotNetNuke earned great popularity because of its powerful features and capability to extend your custom business requirements it helps to focus on common needs and also feasible to expand up to your specific business requirements. DNN offers a powerful platform to create highly interactive, rich and dynamic websites and web applications for the small, medium and large business.

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DNN Features

DNN DotNetNuke has the list of inbuilt features, we have listed few here.

Easy Installation:

DNN is very easy to install and integrate. There are various DNN Hosting Packages available along with tools and support through which DNN can be configured in the easier way.

Easy Website Administration:

Anybody can work with DNN. While working on this framework no programming skills are required. The clients can generate, supervise and publish web content without knowing any technical skill.


DNN is equipped with user-friendly features and is very easy to use. The website administrators, content managers, designers, and developers can manage the website with more ease and comfort.

Advanced Features:

It is a feature rich CMS offering advanced features for web designing, security, content management etc. can be extremely powerful for businesses for all sizes. User management, email marketing, document management, multi-lingual ability, blog management and more are included to help marketing and IT teams manage the website.

Flexibility & Sociability:

DNN provides immense flexibility and scalability. It extends flexibility while developing any web application and supports a number of websites from a single installation. The administrator can also manage an unlimited number of websites along with its own content. DNN provides the extensible framework through which the web applications can be developed with more scalability and additional features.

Unmatched Security:

DNN emphasizes on validation, encryption, “bug” tracking and potential threats in order to build secure websites. As compared with other CMSs that may require you to install a third party application, DNN has a security model built into the CMS architecture and this makes DNN one of the most secure platform for developing websites.

Open Source Advantage:

Being an open source CMS, DNN is widely recognized among software developer community and DNN community members as they keep on adding new features and enhancements at frequent intervals.

Open API Integration:

The core framework of DNN is equipped with Open APIs through which integration becomes simple and easy.

DnnDeveloper, an experienced DNN software developing company in India provides custom DotNetNuke solutions and ASP.NET Web Applications for its clients at the best quality. DnnDeveloper develops web design as well as web applications, Custom CMS, conversion from PSD to DNN / ASP.Net, Troubleshooting and support for your specific business requirement.

DNN Benefits

Using DotNetNuke brings the list of benefits and advantages, we have listed few here.

Very Easy to manage content

DotNetNuke is widely adopted and accepted content management system because of the way it allows to manage the content which includes creating the page, paragraph block, images, video, document and also layout through skin/theme and containers. It has powerful content editing right system along with backed permission setting and approval management workflow so the team of managers, editors, and writers considered as the role of DNN users along with permission mechanism. DNN has a robust rich text editor and many options to create and manage great content.

Advance and inbuilt features

DNN DotNetNuke advantages CMS content management and expands your custom requirement in the form of DNN Custom Module, Skin /Theme, third party modules. It can be extremely powerful for the businesses of all sizes. Document management, User management, advertisement management, email marketing, Scheduler, multilingual ability, blog management, and more are included.

Open Source

DotNetNuke Platform is the open source that means it's freely available and may be redistributed and modified. As DNN has already an inbuilt list of common modules to support the common features of website/portals it comes with free of cost for the development effort. All the other custom requirement and integration your business need can be achieved through customization.

Portal-based Architecture

DotNetNuke Platform offers multiple portals on the same instance of the DNN Framework, that means multiple websites can be created on the same application by sharing the same database. Because of Portal and Modular architecture, you can share the resources like module (functionality), Skin/Theme (layout of page or part of page) language pack and global configuration like catch/URL rewriting, email services etc 

Language pack and Documented

DotNetNuke Platform offers language pack which can be used to establish the portal in multiple languages. Language packs are the XML-based resource files to keep the content light weighted. Dnn Platform supports with help document to manage and build the content for the users who don't know technical.

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DNN Developer

DnnDeveloper.In is the DotNetNuke DNN Development company India builds dnn modules for the DotNetNuke framework as a product or for the specific requirement by the client. Also, DNN Developer designs PSD, HTML and also convert existing PSD to Theme / Skin for your DotNetNuke DNN Portal.  

As per your business requirements, our DNN development team will propose the designs solution and wireframes. Upon the approval, we proceed with various development stages. We keep client aware with the progress by sending periodical status reports.


To know more about our affordable services, contact us today or drop us a mail with the requirements at Jitendra@DnnDeveloper.In We will respond to you as soon as possible.