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DNN Development Services

DNN Development Services

DotNetNuke (also referred to as DNN) is a web-based content management system (CMS). Its main purpose is to reduce the cost of creating and maintaining websites whose content changes frequently or significantly. DNN enables subject matter experts to directly edit websites in a user-friendly manner. This allows the company to quickly and cost-effectively make changes that are in line with market requirements without involving a programmer.

DNN is the leading Content Management platform built in Microsoft ASP.NET. This powerful CMS and web application development framework allows your organization to easily create and maintain fully customized, highly engaging web content management applications. Built on top of Microsoft ASP.NET, DotNetNuke allows your organization to leverage its existing Microsoft technology investments to reduce efforts.

We will explain how the DotNetNuke extension is significant to businesses, and how a variety of requirements get accomplished effectively with the use of DNN Technologies. We will also cover the essential steps involved in building a DNN Website like Modules, Skin, Integrations, and Providers.

DotNetNuke as Open-Source

DotNetNuke is created to allow non-technical personnel to add and manage web pages independently, without relying on the IT department for assistance and support. With minimal training, users can easily add pages, modify layouts, and incorporate new features, freeing up their time to concentrate on keeping the content up-to-date rather than grappling with technology.

DNN is an open-source CMS that offers several features and functionalities without any cost. A few DNN Skins and a list of extensions like Announcements, Blog, Chat, Contacts, Documents, Events, FAQ, Feedback, Gallery, HTML, Links, Newsfeeds, Help, IFrame, Map, Media, News Feeds, Reports, Repository, Store, Survey, Users Online, Wiki, XML are available as free with DNN platform @ https://github.com/orgs/DNNCommunity/repositories?type=all. The main advantages and features that DNN offers as an open-source platform include:

DNN Skins and Containers: DNN offers a user interface that can be easily customized according to the needs of developers called DNN Inbuilt Theme or Skin. This functionality allows developers to create skins, templates, and containers that are unique to their brand, and thereby design websites that stand out from the rest. The complete layout and interface for the front or member's area can be changed as per your requirements. Responsive design and multiple browser-supported web page designs can be implemented with the use of DNN Themes.

Extensible Architecture: DNN provides an architecture that is flexible and can be extended, giving developers the ability to develop custom modules and extensions that blend in with the core platform smoothly. This functionality allows businesses to add particular features or functionality to their web application to meet their specific or external needs. DNN Modules, Skins and Containers, Providers, Language Packs, Authentication and Membership, and Connectors facilitating integration with external services or API.

Multi-language: DNN has the ability to support multiple languages, which means that users can produce content in a range of languages. This functionality is especially useful for businesses that want to cater to a wider audience by producing content in languages that their audience is comfortable with. An inbuilt extension uses the language files as resources and also multiple languages can be supported while extending or enhancing as a custom module or DNN theme.

Security and Scalable: The DNN platform incorporates various security measures to guarantee the security of websites built on it. These security measures comprise authentication, authorization, encryption, and security based on roles. Permission and Workflow with role-based membership and authentication is an inbuilt service of the DNN Framework, which can be extensively used or extended on-demand custom authentication providers can be implemented and extra preventions and validations can be applied.

Analytics and Event Reporting: The DNN platform offers integrated analytics and reporting tools that empower businesses to monitor and evaluate their website's performance. With this capability, businesses can easily pinpoint areas that need refinement and enhance their website's productivity. DNN gives notifications, logs, error messages, scheduled processes, and generates reports help businesses take necessary actions.

Ecosystem: DNN is backed by a vibrant community of developers and users who actively participate in the development of the platform. They offer support, resources, and guidance to users, and developers. All of this makes it easier to create and maintain websites on the platform. Also, a bunch of free and paid extensions are available to try at DNN Store making DNN maintainable and cost-effective.

These inbuilt features empower companies to produce websites and web CMS exceedingly functional and scalable, without incurring any expenses.

Why DNN Development Services

Extensibility involves designing a system with future growth in mind, and DotNetNuke has been built with this in consideration. Its open API (Application Program Interface) enables dnn developers to create extensions that can customize the application's functionality and appearance. With a bunch of affordable readymade extensions, the possibilities are practically limitless in creating your ideal website. DotNetNuke also provides the ability to easily develop custom applications using the API that can integrate with your existing legacy systems. Additionally, support for cloud file storage and compatibility with Windows Azure are available options.

DNN provides a bunch of inbuilt features and extendibility but custom development may be required, despite the DNN open-source availability. Here are some reasons why DNN development may still be necessary.

Business Requirements: Every business has unique requirements, and there may be instances where the built-in features of DNN do not meet those requirements. In such cases, custom development may be necessary to create a solution that meets the specific needs of the business. Businesses need advanced reporting services based on the user's interaction with the database, in that case, a custom extension can be developed which analyzes the database and generate a report or if a third-party extension is available that does the same can be used by purchasing.

Integrations: Third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, or marketing automation tools are frequently used by businesses. In order to achieve a smooth integration, custom development may be required to integrate them with DNN. If a business demands all the heavy documents should be synced to the external storage space for better security once the user uploads them, a third-party service can be intersected with technical approaches like API, Web Service or file transfer process can be integrated as DNN Extension.

Improve: DNN development can be used to improve the user experience like satisfying business needs raised by end users. This can include creating custom modules, skins, or themes that are custom designed and developed to meet the business and its users. Like Quick Support form with a specific fieldset, Google Maps to quickly navigated routes, user-friendly design, and layout that can have CTA on a tab or mobile device.

Scalability: Custom Development can be used to improve the scalability of a website built on DNN. This can include optimizing the performance of the website, improving the database structure or indexes, or implementing caching mechanisms, error logs, monitoring purposes, enhanced security checks or authentications, event notifications, and security warnings or messaging on crucial events,s, etc.

Custom DNN Development can be used to meet unique business requirements, integrate with third-party systems, customize existing features, improve the user experience, and increase scalability. DNN development allows businesses to create highly functional and scalable websites that meet their specific needs.

Types of DNN Development

Custom modules can help businesses achieve their unique objectives by providing features that are not available in the core DNN platform or need to enhance with tuned requirements. For example, a custom module can be developed to integrate with an existing business application, automate a workflow, or provide a personalized user experience. Developing a custom DNN module can also give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. With a unique and highly functional website, your business can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. Developing a custom DNN module requires knowledge of ASP.NET, C#, and DNN architecture. The following are the essential steps involved in building a DNN module.

Module Development

DNN Module Development services include high-quality modules for DotNetNuke, which are designed to be strong, effective, and efficient functionality or feature. These modules may add specific functionalities to a DotNetNuke-powered website, such as a payment gateway, a shopping cart, or a custom contact form. By using these modules, clients can enhance their website's functionality without the need to develop everything from scratch.

  • Designing from Scratch
  • Modifying an Existing Module
  • Creating custom DNN modules according to specific demand
  • Embedding SEO features
  • DNN Module Upgradation/Migration
  • Integration with other information systems

DNN Skin / Theme Design

DNN theme defines the look and feel of the website. DotNetNuke skin development services make it effortless to obtain a fresh appearance for your website. It involves responsive, cross-browser-supported, and various device-compatible designs or layouts that may contain branding, color schema, or framework features like animations, effects of scrolling, and uniform styles. Designers design PSD, and HTML with client-side frameworks like bootstrap or jquery to produce modern and efficient optimized DNN Skin/Theme.

  • Designing from Scratch
  • Customize New or Existing Themes
  • Creating custom DNN Theme with predefined PSD or Mockups
  • Embedding SEO features to the DNN Skin
  • DNN Theme Upgradation/Migration or Enhancements
  • Plugins and SkinObjects that integrated with DNN Theme

DNN Upgradation/Migration

DNN version upgrade refers to the process of updating a website to a newer version of the platform. This may involve migrating the site's data, files, and configurations to the latest DNN version, which typically offers improvements in terms of security, performance, and functionality. By upgrading to the latest DNN version, website owners can take advantage of the latest features and enhancements, and ensure that their site remains secure and up-to-date. The upgrade process may require technical expertise, and it's recommended that it be done by a professional or a team experienced in DNN version upgrades. A number of reasons businesses need to keep using the latest version of the DNN, Each upgrade scenario can result in unique complexities and challenges.

  • DNN Version Upgrade to the latest
  • DNN Data Migration and Transfer
  • DNN Backup and Restore
  • DNN Hosting Server Transfer
  • DNN Extensions Upgrading
  • Migrating New HTML to DNN Pages

DNN Maintenance and Support

DNN maintenance and support refers to the ongoing activities required to keep a website or web application powered by DotNetNuke (DNN) running smoothly and efficiently. This may include tasks such as regular updates to the DNN platform, security patches, backups, and troubleshooting of any issues or errors that may arise. Additionally, it may involve providing support to users or administrators of the site, such as answering questions, addressing technical problems, and providing training or guidance on how to use the site effectively or manage the content of the page. DNN maintenance and support are essential to ensure that the site remains secure, functional, and up-to-date, and to minimize downtime or disruptions that could affect the user experience or impact business operations.

  • Regular updates to content and pages
  • Configuration management or Installation
  • Performance optimization or Security check
  • Rendering Template Changes
  • Troubleshooting issues and training
  • Administration, Monitoring, and Consulting

We DNN Developers believe that our clients should get maximum advantage with readymade development by utilizing DotNetNuke instead of starting from scratch. By avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel, we can simply configure many of your requirements and allocate your development budget toward truly customized features. This approach allows for a fully scalable, database-driven website that adheres to Microsoft's best practices and possesses significantly more capabilities than your initial requirements. we can deliver quality systems at an exceptionally competitive price point.

DotNetNuke is a powerful web development platform that enables the creation of highly scalable and customizable websites. This article provides an overview of the various services offered by DotNetNuke developers, including website customization, module development, maintenance and support, version upgrades, and migration services. It also explores the benefits of DotNetNuke development, such as its extensibility, ease of maintenance, and compatibility with legacy systems. With the right DotNetNuke development services, businesses of all sizes can build a successful online presence that meets their specific needs and goals.


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