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DotNetNuke Content Templates in CKEditor

DotNetNuke Content Templates in CKEditor

CKEditor is a commonly used WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that enables users to edit and format text in web applications. It is a favorite among developers who require a strong text editor for their projects since it offers a variety of formatting options, including bold, italic, underline, bullet points, and more. Integrating CKEditor with Content Management Systems (CMS) to enable users to modify content on websites is one of the tool's most well-liked use cases. We'll go over how to use CKEditor in DNN in this tutorial (DotNetNuke).

Popular CMS DotNetNuke (DNN) was created using the Microsoft.NET Framework. A wide range of functionalities is available for creating dynamic and scalable web applications. DNN has a number of modules, including the Text/HTML module, for controlling content on websites. DNN ships with a rudimentary HTML editor by default that may be used to alter the text in Text/HTML modules. Unfortunately, due to its restricted capability, this editor is not appropriate for complex editing.

There are several ways to access the CKEditor settings section.

  • http://ROOT-DOMAIN/Host/HTMLEditorManager
  • http://ROOT-DOMAIN/Default.aspx?tabId=31
  • http://ROOT-DOMAIN/CKEditorOptions/ModuleId/392/minc/txtContent/PortalID/0/langCode/en-US?popUp=true
  • Site Settings > Site Behavior > MORE > Click on “Open HTML Editor Manager”

Furthermore, you can check the Web.Config file to identify the name of your HTML editor. The most recent version of DNN uses "DNNConnect.CKE," which is available on GitHub at https://github.com/DNN-Connect/CKEditorProvider.

CKEditor is highly customizable, allowing users to add plugins to enhance its functionality further. It is widely used by web developers and content creators to simplify the process of creating and editing content, more details officially declared at https://ckeditor.com

DNN Content Management

Managing HTML Content Templates with CKEditor in DotNetNuke

In CKEditor, the term "HTML Content Templates" refers to pre-made HTML templates that users can choose from and utilize as a jumping-off point for developing their own content. Developers or content creators can construct these templates, which can have a variety of designs and layouts, including headers, footers, navigation menus, and more. Users can save time and effort by starting with a pre-designed template in CKEditor's HTML Content Templates and then modifying it to suit their own requirements. For people who routinely write comparable sorts of content, such as newsletters, blog articles, or product descriptions, this function is very helpful. Users may streamline their workflow and concentrate on producing high-quality material without having to worry about technical issues by using HTML Content Templates in CKEditor.

DotNetNuke Content Editing

Customers may occasionally want to manage the HTML Content Templates by including, removing, or changing the current templates. This essay tries to offer insightful guidance on how to manage these templates successfully.

  • Simply update the HTML Module's content and select the "Advanced Editor" option to have access to the HTML Content Templates in CKEditor. Click the "Templates" icon, which is there next to the "Print" icon. For more information, please see the photos attached.
  • Unfortunately, it is not feasible to manage these content templates through the DNN UI. However, it is possible to locate the Content Templates files in the site root folder, specifically in \Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\DNNConnect.CKE\js\ckeditor\4.18.0\plugins\templates\templates\default.js
  • Additionally, within this directory, there is another folder named "templates" which contains the default.js file. This file is responsible for loading the templates that are available based on your specific configuration preferences.

CKEditor Content Template features can be utilized on multiple occasions, such as when you need to provide a convenient HTML template that includes default placeholder literals for images, tables, HTML elements, or media objects like images.

In case your content editor requires formatted HTML for the "Contact Us" page where contact information for multiple department heads or directors is frequently updated, or if you have a specific format that mandates one or two media objects or images for a blog entry, or if content editors require a convenient template to add a new image content carousel item format, then you can benefit from using CKEditor Content Template features.

Furthermore, if you want to enforce content rules such as making SEO attributes mandatory for any content section, maintaining a specific style of content such as header font weight or color, or ensuring that the list item bullet icon remains consistent throughout the site and images have a specific size with left or right floated, using content templates with CKEditor becomes an indispensable tool.

Using Content Templates in CKEditor has the following benefits:

Consistency: The use of content templates helps the website's material be formatted and styled consistently. Editors may ensure that every page has a uniform look and feel by having pre-designed templates available. This makes it simpler for consumers to navigate and comprehend the material.

Efficiency: Utilizing content templates can help you create and format content more quickly and easily. Instead of beginning from scratch each time, editors can just pick a template that works for them and make the necessary changes.

Customization: The high degree of customizability offered by CKEditor Content Templates enables editors to design templates that precisely meet the requirements of their website. For various website parts, including blog posts, news articles, and product pages, custom templates can be made.

Standardization: By mandating certain formatting or content features, like the inclusion of SEO characteristics or specific image sizes, content templates can help enforce content standards and guidelines.

User-friendly: Content templates make it simpler for non-technical users to produce content that appears professional and adheres to the website's design standards. Users who utilize pre-designed templates can create visually appealing material without having any technical understanding of HTML or CSS.

Enhanced SEO: Editors can aid in the search engine optimization (SEO) of their website and make it simpler for consumers to find their content by mandating certain SEO qualities in Content Templates.

Collaboration: The ability to share Content Templates among numerous users or teams facilitates collaboration and ensures consistency throughout the website. For larger businesses or websites with numerous content producers, this is extremely useful.

By ensuring that the website retains a professional look and feel, using content templates in CKEditor can help increase the effectiveness and uniformity of content development. The importance of quality cannot be overstated when it comes to deciding on a product or service that meets your goals and needs, both intuitively and analytically. At DNNDevelopers, our core focus is on delivering top-notch software and database solutions that effectively address our client's business challenges. We strive to maintain and surpass industry standards, enabling us to deliver consistent, high-quality outcomes to our valued customers.

CKEditor Content Templates is a powerful tool in the DotNetNuke content management system that can help streamline the process of creating and formatting website content. Content Templates offer several benefits, including consistency, efficiency, customization, standardization, user-friendliness, improved SEO, and collaboration. By using Content Templates, content editors can easily create professional-looking content without needing technical knowledge of HTML or CSS. Templates can be customized to meet specific needs and shared across multiple users or teams. Overall, CKEditor Content Templates can greatly enhance the content creation process in DotNetNuke, resulting in the higher-quality, more consistent, and more effective website content.


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